Q1:Half-Load and Loaded time  

A1:Battery 2600mAH,EVA-POWER 4G =10.8W & EVA-POWER 5G =12W testing

EVA-POWER4=10.8W discharge test
Loaded 10.8W  33mins, Voltage before output closed :12.17VDC
Half-Load  5.5W   92mins, Voltage before output closed :11.97VDC

EVA-POWER5=12W discharge test

Loaded  12W  24mins, Voltage before output closed :12.03VDC

Half-Load  6W   70mins, Voltage before output closed :12.17VDC


Q2:How long the working time continuously after power off ?

A2:Depend the Watt (Power) of load device.


Q3:What is the difference for OEM、ODM ?

A3:Logo、Packing for OEM business, Revise Voltage、Watt for ODM business, For OEM only revised Logo and packing。For ODM will have special project for design New outlook、Voltage and Watt(Power) output depend on your needed


Q4:Order delivery ?

A4:For stand product 6~8 weeks after payment (Not including the delivery time).  

OEM、ODM = 90 days after design confirmed


Q5:What is the maximum voltage for EVA-POWER when charge the battery ? How to measure that ?

A5:It's different according to the model, the design of the highest voltage of the battery charge is 4.1 ~ 4.3V, you can plug in AC power and then use multimeter to measure the positive and negative electrode metal spring in the battery bay , the measure amount of DC voltage is the highest charge voltage . ( If can't get the DC voltage measurement , represents the original battery power is less , just re-plug to the AC power )



Q6:How long is the battery full charge for EVA-POWER 4 ? 

A6:About 2.5 hrs battery charge to 90%, plus another 3.5hrs to 100%