EVA-POWER for Mobile Phone

Bulib in with AC plug 

Can be used directly as a charger

support AC90~264Voltage input

directly use in every country worldwide

equlpped with intelligent microchip

Provide over charging、over discherging、short circuit ...etc protections

Wise rapid-charge design

Replaceable Lithium battery feature

Environment friendly and durable

Retractable micro USB cable built in

No need for bring additional cable for charging

LED indicators

A(red) : battery in charging

A(green) : battery fully charged

B(blue) : battery discharging

B(off) : battery power out

battery power switch

on : battery discharging

off : stop battery discharging, prevent power loss

Dual USB output ports

international patented and new invention

R & D in Taiwan. 

Patented international ly

Use EVA-POWER to charging your smart phone